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New Boutique Opening in Buckhead #EcoHomeAtlanta

You know how you read or see something and it grabs your attention?  That was what happened to me when I was introduced to EcoHome Atlanta and heard about a whale sperm candle.  (More on that later, I promise you that!)  Since we don't live near Buckhead these days, I don't venture out that often, but since I was invited, I knew I had to make it a point to go and check it all out, plus lets not forget that candle!  

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I had a hard time locating the place, thanks to my GPS letting me know I arrived when I was sitting at a red light.  Obviously, I found the place, but since pictures are key for me, I wanted to take a shot to let you know what to look for.  It as at the far right end of the strip mall shopping center.  This boutique is awesome!  

Since we have Broxton and then our little princess, Savannah, you know I was automatically drawn to the kid/ baby section.  It was beautiful and I would be lying if it didn't make me get the emotions of wanting another baby to have and buy for.  Lucky for us, our family is still growing, so I can buy for family babies!  NO MORE BABIES for our house!  

They have a wide assortment of items from cleaning to toys, outfits, teething jewelry and even photo cards (I thought that was neat and wished I would have had them for both babies.)  I loved the selection and thought it was sophisticated, yet also inviting!  The younger items are at the entrance of the store, but don't let that stop you from venturing further in to see what else they have.  

I loved the selection of products for the home.  With the holidays coming up, this would be a great place to stop in and buy a couple gifts for the host/ hostess of any parties you might be attending.  I am not one that cooks often, but I loved the recipe stand for your cook books and even the settings for different kitchen items.  You can go buy a few things for gifts, buy a few things for yourself and even get a few ideas for any decorations you might want to do for your house.


If you see above, the teething jewelry is on the right of the table.  Also, they have beautiful picture frames.  Please note the cookie and pie boxes.  They are super cute and they are made just to transport your goods to wherever you are headed. HELLO THANKSGIVING!  

I am always pulled to packaging ideas and lotions , potions, candles and what not. They have it all here!  I am really interested in the wash items, so I might have to head back soon to check that line our.  Just the packaging alone totally grabs your attention, at least mine!  

 Oh, did I mention they even have your pet covered?  They also have a sweet dog that is there to greet you and visit with your while you are in the store!

While you might be headed there to see the boutique side of it all, EcoHome Atlanta actually started as SuperGreen Solutions.   They still have that included in the store, so make sure you check out the back wall to learn about lighting solutions for you!  

Now, to the main reason I wanted to go check this place out.  They have candles made from Ambergris.  Since we are friends, I have to tell you.  I really needed to know who would want to buy a candle made from that. I mean, helloooooo.  It had to be rank, right? 
Yeah, Ummm, no.  It smells AH-MAZ-ING!  Like you have no clue.  Now I know who wants to buy them, everyone that has ever had the pleasure to smell one!   I was able to chat with the creator of these candles and to say that I want a diffuser now is an understatement.  I need one! THIS IS THE GIFT TO GIVE this holiday in my opinion!  

I really loved the whole store. They have so much to offer without it being crowded and junky.  It is sophisticated and classy and fits right in with the Buckhead scene.  I know that some people around Georgia come to Atlanta for a couple days to do holiday shopping. This would be a great place to put on the list to visit while in town. 
I do need to plan on going again when I have more time to check out all the products they offer. If you would like to look to see the brands they carry, just take a look at their website to see who they represent!  


Lawton Hall