Grilling Herbs Garden Bon Bons

Grilling Herbs Garden Bon Bons


This presentation is a box of handcrafted garden seed ball truffles. There are eight garden truffles in this herb collection, two each of Oregano, Cumin, Cilantro/Coriander and Chives.

Garden Bon Bon descriptions:

Dimpled Red Clay Truffle = Oregano/Origanum vulgare Dark green aromatic leaves. 8”-24” ht. 80-90 days to harvest.

White Clay Truffle Dusted w/ Turmeric =Cumin/Cuminum cyminum Fragrant leaves. 6”-12” ht. 100-115 days to harvest.

Red & White Clay Brownie Square = Cilantro(Coriander)/Coriandrum Sativum Cilantro leaves; coriander seeds. 12”-18” ht. For multiple leaf harvests cut off the leafy top 1/3 weekly. For the seeds, cut stems after flowering and hang upside –down until dried. 50-55 days to leaf harvest, 90-105 to seed.

Red Clay Truffle w/ Coffee Bean = Chives /Allium shoenoprasum Biennial, 8”-30”. Leaves and seed edible. Hang cut stems upside down to dry seed.

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