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Amy Cates Lance

is a native Atlantan whose network spans many social and corporate circles due to her community involvement through a broad range of non-profit organizations, as well as her role as consultant and adviser to many businesses.

With 30 years of business experience ranging from sales person, to licensed agent to business owner, to Chairman of the Board, Amy understands the importance of maintaining relationships with clients on a regular basis. Gift buying for clients can be a time consuming challenge, particularly if the client deserves a unique and special gift.

Our Gift boxes are made from repurposed wood and come in a variety of finishes and sizes. Items can be selected from a wide variety of upscale products that will please each and every client... and leave an excellent, lasting impression!

As VP of Corporate Gifts for EcoHome Atlanta, Amy can offer a concierge service to companies who want to give their clients special treatment, and a fresh change from the customary gift basket!

(404) 550-2608