Chicken - Whole Life Dog Treats

Chicken - Whole Life Dog Treats


Whole Life Pure Chicken Treats feature pure breast meat chicken, gently steamed, sliced and freeze-dried to perfection, removing moisture while concentrating flavor, aroma and nutrition. The attention to detail during every step of the process produces a crisp treat that can be broken into bite-size pieces, making them easy to use for any size or age dog or cat. You can also crumble them over your pet's food for added nutrition and excitement to every meal. Whole Life provides pure protein in an ideal healthy treat!

Key Benefits

Made from 100% human grade ingredients, free from any chemicals, additives and preservatives

Cooked in small batches daily that are tested and verified safe

Low in fat, calories and carbs which makes for the perfect everyday treat

A great option for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities

Sourced, produced and packaged in the United States

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